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Welcome to the Heartland!

Hi Region H,
Welcome to the Region H blog! This is your source for SWE news in the heartland. My name is Rachel Beck, and I am the Region H Collegiate Communications Editor (RCCE) for Fiscal Year 15 (FY15). If you have any suggestions for the blog or would like to have something posted on the blog, please contact me at
Have a wonderful day,

Welcome to FY15

August 15, 2014

Welcome to FY15! Each fiscal year for SWE begins on July 1st and marks a changeover in leadership. In this welcome post, I’d like to introduce myself and the goals of Region H.

R BeckMy name is Rachel Beck, and I am the FY15 Region Collegiate Communications Editor for Region H. I am entering my senior year at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. My major is chemical engineering. Previously I have held positions as Community Service Director and External Vice President for my SWE section, as well as SWE Future Leader (SWEFL).

My responsibilities as RCCE involve communication between sections within our region. Primarily, this means running this blog, and our new Twitter account @SWERegionH (You should subscribe to the blog and follow us on Twitter!). I’ll be posting to share best practices and hot topics (issues relating to collegiates), and I’m also a great resource for mass-distributing information such as events or deadlines. If your section has an event you want publicized regionally, or a great idea (or event, social, workshop, etc.) they’d like to share, please email me at

This year’s Region H goals are tied to the society goals of Professional Excellence, Globalization, and Advocacy. Here are some of the tactics we plan on using to achieve these goals:

Professional Excellence

  • Region mentoring program with 10+ pairs
  • 4 sessions at region conference by Leadership Coaching Committee/Collegiate Leadership Coaching Committee
  • Professional development


  • Region governor to mentor 2 others, diverse from herself
  • 2 region leaders to attend another region’s meeting
  • Globalization topic session


  • Promote accomplishments of region members via region media
  • Recognize SWE leaders to their school/workplace
  • Develop a region spirit & recognition committee


I’m excited for a great year as your RCCE! Best of luck as the summer ends and school kicks into full swing!


Congrats FY15 SWE Future Leaders!

July 14, 2014

After reviewing 96 nominations total, 2-3 students from each region have been selected as SWE Future Leaders (SWEFLs). SWEFLs will participate in the Collegiate Leadership Institute, webinar training and mentoring, as well as the Regional Teams. Congratulations to the FY15 SWEFLs for Region H:

  • Kaitlyn Sullivan – Iowa State University
  • Elia Zanella – University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
  • Kathryn Curtis – Bradley University

Welcome to the Region H RCT!

For the full list of SWEFLs for all regions, see the July 2014 All Together SWE Newsletter post.

Annual European SWE Conference

June 23, 2014

This summer, experience the international impact of SWE firsthand. Pre-registration is now open for the 9th Annual European SWE Conference. The event will be held August 6-9, 2014, hosted by Koç University SWE in Istanbul, Turkey. SWE members from all around the world are invited to attend!

The conference title is “LIVE” –  Leading Innovations via Engineering. International networking and internship opportunities are just two of the exciting benefits of attending “LIVE.” Attendees will also have a chance to participate in outreach events and workshops about leadership and innovation. Sustainable Energy Technologies and Women’s Right in Workplace are other topics that “LIVE” will feature.

Anyone interested in attending “LIVE,” the 9th Annual European SWE Conference, should fill out the Pre-Registration Form. Updates regarding further steps will be sent via email to those who pre-register.


Koc University Event

Final FY14 Region H Collegiate Communications Editor Blog

June 18, 2014

It has been a pleasure serving on the FY14 Region H Collegiate Team with Erin Westerby, Savannah Goodman, and Ashley Stroup.  We enjoyed getting to meet all of you at the WE13 Conference in Baltimore and at the fantastic Region H Conference hosted by Michigan Tech.  Thank You to Region H Governor Jenny Morikawa, Region H Lieutenant Governor Samantha Johnson, Region H Treasurer Dayna Johnson, and Region H Secretary Katie Amelio for all of your help and support!  Thank You to those of you that submitted blog articles!  Best of luck to those starting out in their career and continued success to those returning back to school in the fall.  Don’t forget to renew your SWE membership!  Good luck and best wishes to the new FY15 Region H Collegiate Team!

Your FY14 Region H RCCE,

Alison Bergmann


Region H Collegiate Team at WE13

Region H Collegiate Team at WE13 (Left-Right: RCR Erin Westerby, RCR Savannah Goodman, RCCE Alison Bergmann, RCS Ashley Stroup)




SWE Region Collegiate Team with Region H Governor and the SWE Spirit Stick

SWE Region Collegiate Team with Region H Governor Jenny Morikawa and the SWE Spirit Stick





Congrats and Best Wishes to the FY15 Region H Collegiate Team!

June 17, 2014

Region Collegiate Representatives:

  • Antonella Mantovano – Marquette University
  • Cynthia Ramirez –Purdue University

Region Collegiate Communications Editor:

  • Rachel Beck – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Region Collegiate Senator:

  • Jamie Sanderson – University of Michigan

Collegiate Director’s Letter

June 17, 2014

I hope summer is off to a great start for all of our collegiate members. Whether you’re getting internship experience, taking classes or traveling, take some time to learn and enjoy. As another fiscal year and school year comes to an end, it’s a great time to reflect. A year ago when I introduced myself as Collegiate Director, I talked about dreaming big. What were your dreams a year ago? What are your dreams today? Have they changed? Have you gotten closer to achieving them?

I’ve had a great experience in my role over the past year. I have stretched myself outside my comfort zone, learned a lot about myself and SWE, and had the opportunity to shape the Society. I have written in the past about everything I’ve gained from presenting at the Annual Conference, attending Capitol Hill Day and working on the strategic plan. I’m excited to return to the senate next year with a new perspective as a Region F senator.

My experience as Collegiate Director has definitely contributed to achieving some of my big dreams, including my aspirations for other leadership positions within SWE, as well as my career development and progression at work. Leadership positions are such a great way to develop new skills and broaden your perspective. To me, SWE is a safe and supportive environment for this, which is why I love being involved in SWE leadership. I definitely recommend considering a SWE leadership position, which can be anything from getting involved in your local section up through Region or Society level involvement. Perhaps your big dream is to become Collegiate Director one day?

Whatever your plans, don’t forget to renew your membership so you can keep connecting with scholarships, job opportunities, webinars, conferences and more.

Let us know in the comments about your plans for summer and your dreams. And as always, feel free to send comments, questions and suggestions to Thanks for a great year!

Ellen McIsaac

Ellen McIsaac
FY14 Collegiate Director

Letter from the All Together SWE Newsletter

SWE Brand Assesment Survey

June 7, 2014

Our SWE branding survey process ends Thursday, June 12. Give us five minutes of your time and we’ll give you $30 worth of bonus online professional development.

This is it! We’ll be wrapping up the member survey portion of our brand study soon and we want to make sure we’ve heard from as many SWE members as possible. This is an important step for the Society and its members because it will help further our success now and into the future.

We need your input! If you have not done so already, please do so  via this brief survey. Your input and participation will be invaluable.

As a thank you for participating, when you finish the survey you will be provided access to complimentary videos and presentations from the first day of our 2014 Online Career Development Conference – a $30 value. Topics include “Being an Authentic Leader,” “Effective Communication to Build a Strong Reputation” and more.

Please visit our survey. Thank you for your time and consideration.

~Email from SWE HQ


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