Hot Topic: Attracting and Retaining Members

Karen Bodach, Region H RCMC

Membership Building Events/Activities:

  1. Friday After Class (FAC) – hold a pizza party the first Friday of each month for your members to network.
  2. Ice Cream Social – Recruitment event in the spring where you must renew your SWE membership dues to get ice cream.
  3. Fall Kick-Off Picnic – Recruitment event where you send invitations to incoming female engineering and engineering technical students – at the event, have food and discuss upcoming SWE programs for the year and then break into smaller groups to answer personal questions and network.
  4. Combine SWE business meetings with other events – example: host a student panel discussion on summer internships and then conduct SWE business meeting afterwards. Students will see the benefit in attending the panel discussion and will therefore stick around for the SWE business meeting.
  5. Encourage your members to identify why they are in SWE. Answering this question proves to be a good baseline recruiting tool.
  6. Seek potential members through campus admissions department, Women in Engineering Program, and other student organizations.
  7. Officers are encouraged to create positive impressions by conducting unique ice breakers at their events

For more tips on how to build membership – have a Collegiate Leadership Coach (CLCC) visit your university for FREE and do presentations on “Building Membership”, “Building Teams”, “Fund Development”, and many more. Contact Melissa Zaczek ( to arrange a CLCC meeting.


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