Hot Topic: Making the Most of SWE Resources

Content provided by:
Jessica Nayes, Region H RCNE
(and others as indicated)

This month’s Hot Topic is a brief highlight of some SWE Resources (old and new) that your Regional Collegiate Team wanted to bring to your attention.

Region H Blog

You’re looking at it! Keep updated on Region H activities right here, with links to National and Regional Conferences, section websites, and more. Also, find links to other section’s websites and find contact info on the new Section Websites page.

Does your section have any events that went so well you’d love to tell other sections in our Region about it? Do you want to announce an event that your section is hosting and invite others from the area to join in the fun? Take either of these reasons or more and submit an article for the new Region H Blog. We encourage providing pictures too, so be sure to document those events! Another idea: if your section has their own newsletter, consider polishing up those articles for the Blog!

To get an article on the Blog: Download the blog article submission form. All submissions should be sent to Jessica Nayes, the Regional Collegiate Newsletter Editor (RCNE), at

SWE Communities

SWE Communities
SWE Communities

Link to SWE Communities
“SWE Communities provide online interaction tools designed to facilitate discussion and information sharing among our members. These communities are more than just discussion boards – we’ve integrated many tools into this site to help community members connect with each other. SWE Communities provide links to helpful resources, policy discussions and solutions and ideas from peers. Access to SWE Communities is available exclusively to SWE members.”

Check out Region H’s Communities page for info specific to Region H, get to know other members. Join other communities too, that’s what they’re there for!


SWE has web-seminars fairly frequently on a range of topics. Check out the Webinar Archive for topics like “Sharpening Your Interviewing Skills: Practical Tips for Career Fairs and Company Visits” and “From Campus to Cubicle: What to expect your first year on the job”.

Collegiate Leadership Coaching Seminars

As members/sections of SWE, you are eligible to organize for a Collegiate Leadership Coach to come visit and present on a variety of topics to help further develop your sections and yourselves. Download a copy of the CLCC Module desciptions (pdf).

SWE National Conference Tool Kit

SWE 2008
National Conference Logo

By: Alice Stoicescu, Region H RCR

On behalf of the SWE Conference Program Board (CPB), we are notifying you that the Collegiate Section Tool Kit for National Conference is available. The tool kit will help collegiate sections increase their attendance at the SWE National Conference by providing:

  • Collegiate fundraising ideas
  • Recommended fundraising timeline
  • Letter from Faculty Advisor to College Dean – asking for time away from class to attend the national conference
  • Ideas for collegiate conference cost cutting measures
  • Sponsorship request letter template
  • SWE collegiate awards and prizes currently available

To access this tool kit, visit –> Tool Kit –> National Conference Tool Kit for Collegiate Sections. You can also visit –> My SWE Communities (member log-in) –> Region and Section Resources –> Links.

Membership Data

SWE Member Data Services
SWE Member Data Services

By: Karen Bodach, Region H Collegiate Membership Coordinator

Membership data is available for your section 24/7/365 and reflects real-time and up-to-date member data if you are a section president, treasurer or data officer. There are three (3) membership reports now available for online printing in either Adobe PDF or Microsoft Excel format and those three (3) reports are:

  • Paid and Unpaid Listings (aka Roster Reports)
  • New Section Members Report (aka Change into a section report)
  • Former Section Members Report (aka Change out of section report)

SWE anticipates this will provide greater flexibility and convenience to section leadership to manage their membership; a roster report could be run immediately prior to a section meeting, for example, or the New Section Members report could be run twice per month to contact new members more quickly.

To access the reporting module, section leadership need only log in to the SWE web site and go to –> SWE Member Data Services –> Leadership Reporting Center (under Directory Service and Membership Reports). Then follow the on-screen instructions to print reports.


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