Best Practices to Share

Jessica Wood, FY09 RCR, from Section Reports

  • Summer Outreach Camps seem to be a great way to introduce any age girl to engineering. This is also a great opportunity to partner with another SWE section near you.
  • Evening with Industry is a good way to professionally develop your members. This type of event can give students and company representatives a relaxing evening with good food and a speech given by an accomplished professional. This evening is mutually beneficial to both students, and the representatives, as it allows both groups to interact in a stress-free environment, and allows for laid back conversation.
  • Another great professional development opportunity is a Career Forum. Here is how one section does this: Students and employers are involved in Q&A sessions, and networking is encouraged after the sessions are over. They hold four different sessions for each class, each with a specific message aimed at the students. For example, the sophomores are involved in a discussion with professionals about co-ops and internships.
  • An awesome way to get the attention of the freshmen is to hold a kick off banquet, BBQ, or ice cream social. At this kick off you can explain what SWE is all about and hopefully recruit the attendees.
  • Holding a meeting or conference for all of the sections in a certain area or state is a great way to share best practices and coordinate programs for possible collaboration. Michigan does this with some of its sections.

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