Hot Topic: Rewarding Members/De-stress Before Finals

Jessica Nayes, RCNE

Congratulations, all! It’s been a long semester with (hopefully) many good times with your fellow SWEsters. For many, it’s time for class projects to be wrapped up and finals to be taken. With that in mind, this month’s Hot Topic post should be quite appropriate! Below you’ll find some thoughts on ways to help relax the minds of your members with some event ideas inspired by the season!

Rewarding Members

UW-Madison members enjoy themselves at the Distinguished Member Banquet
UW-Madison members enjoy themselves at the Distinguished Member Banquet

After putting in all the work to come to meetings, organize and attend events, take some time to recognize your outstanding members. This may come in the form of “Distinguished Member” banquet for a top percentage of members who have outstanding participation! Host a dinner for these members at a local restaurant and hand out awards and small prizes. Don’t forget to recognize your hard-working officers too! The prestige of having a special banquet can also be used as motivation to have more involved members in the future, so be sure to share a recap with to inspire the rest!


De-stress Before Finals

‘Tis the season to take advantage of the “wintery mix”! Consider events that take advantage of the snow and ice by organizing a SWE gathering for sledding, ice skating, paper snowflake making, and cookie decorating! Nothing like speeding down a snow-covered hill to make you forget your exam worries. Don’t forget other indoor options like hosting a formal dance for the college of engineering, college student discount night at a rock climbing gym, or playing small team sports at a student rec facility.

UW-Madison goes rock climbing!
UW-Madison goes rock climbing!

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