Best Practices from Second Round of Section Reports

Below are a summary of the best practices our Region H sections submitted recently in the second round of section reports. They are organized by each section’s RCR. Don’t forget to comment on this blog article to keep the discussion going!

Jessica Wood, FY09 RCR

  • Host a career fair to fundraise for your section and to help increase the recruiting opportunities for engineers
  • Hold professional development seminars (with free food!)
  • Cookie decorating
  • Mentoring program with high schools
  • A program for incoming freshmen and their parents to attend on open house day (includes engineering activities, information about the different engineering majors, etc.)
  • Co-sponsoring events gets membership up at events!
  • Hold a forum meeting with your local professional section

Alice Stoicescu, FY09 RCR

  • South Dakota State increased their membership by 28 by offering a study break; instead of having regular meetings on the Mondays of finals week, they instead got together and made a home cooked meal while studying together.
  • St. Cloud is beginning a tradition of stadium cleanups as a fundraising event, which is successfully bringing them in new funds.
  • Valparaiso managed to secure $25,000 from the Valparaiso University Student Senate and the Dean of the College of Engineering after placing a bid for the next conference; they did this by subdividing into cohesive committees.
  • SIU followed a similar concept in forming more committees to subdivide tasks, and also motivated members to attend meetings by awarding prizes for attendance at events.
  • Rose Hulman found that starting off meetings with icebreakers helped alleviate tensions at club meetings, and retain current members as well as make integration for new members more easy.
  • UW Platteville additionally hosted an Evening with Industry event to stimulate interest among their members, as well as attract new ones; they are planning Experience Practical Engineering – a new workshop for spring.
  • Minnesota State also increased their membership by 50% to meetings by offering a free bowling night, and in the Major Fair and Homecoming Parade at their school.
  • For those SWE members who struggle with turnout at events, they might consider trying what Indiana University Purdue Fort Wayne did – specifically inviting the other student groups to join them for a trivia night; they doubled their membership this way.
  • University of Wisconsin Milwaukee has set up Gmail accounts in order to facilitate transfer of information amidst officers.

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