Hot Topic: Getting People Out When It’s Cold Out

Jessica Nayes, FY09 RCNE

While the weather has been teasing us with warm spells recently, for this month’s hot topic, I’ve collected some ideas from a number of our sections’ presidents about what they do to get people out when it’s cold out! In addition, I did some web searching, and have included some of the more interesting of my results.

Section Presidents’ Thoughts

  • Knowing the other people going to the event
  • Fun, applicable events
  • Sledding and outdoor activities
  • Bowling and inside activities
  • We offer free food/conference trips, “College students love FREE!”
  • Small campus- everything’s walking distance.
  • Commuter campus- scavenger hunts on campus
  • Movie/sleepover night in an engineering building
  • FOOD! Also hot chocolate. (Having food came up several times).
  • Promise some fun!
  • Have a dance group give lessons
  • Volunteer and outreach events

Additional Ideas

  • We have snow (but maybe not too much at the moment) and frozen lakes, so let’s use them! Rekindle that childhood delight you get from classic outdoor fun by sledding/tubing, skiing (cross-country and downhill), ice skating, broomball, and more! Maybe you have some members who’s even want to venture into snow kiting?
  • More field trip ideas: Maple Syrup Festivals(coming up in March), Winter Festivals, or how about some Midwest Art Fairs?
  • Stay out of the windy cold by taking part in tours to manufacturing facilities for food products, power plants, consumer products or breweries. Don’t forget those science museums and indoor waterparks!
  • To expand on the indoor events, don’t count out bowling, mini golf, laser tag, roller-skating, batting cages, indoor intramural sports…
  • Of course, you could always host a movie, game, or craft night for your local section too.
  • Why not pull in the audiences for meetings by inviting some of the more “unique” student organizations on campus for performances? (Improv groups, breakdancers, UW-Madison’s 80’s Dance Zone, a capella groups, to name a few examples).

Keep these in mind when planning your wintery events, and don’t hesitate to add your own ideas via a comment on this post!


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