Better Know a Section: H070 University of Notre Dame

Section website:
Section contact email:


About how many members do you have? What is the (approximate) male to female ratio of you SWE members?
80 Members but only 1 male.
How many officers do you have? Do you have an office on campus?
We have five Executive Officers who do a lot of work but no office. 
Are you a commuter school, or do most students live on campus?
Almost everybody lives on campus.
What would you tell someone if they were first coming to your campus?
Notre Dame is a great place. Our section of SWE is one of the most active clubs on campus. We put on lots of events and are always looking for new members.
How often does your section attend a Regional or National Conference? How many members usually go for each?
We attend one Regional and National Conference a year. About 35 students attend the regional conference and 4 attend the national conference.
Has your section hosted a SWE conference before, or plan to in the future?
The last time we hosted a conference was in 2006. Maybe it will happen again someday.
What is your school and/or college of engineering known for?
For being awesome! Go Irish!

Section History

What are some of the things your section does to archive its history?
We’ve been working on this lately. We keep a dogbook from year to year of all the members and have been starting a scrapbook. 
Do you have any suggestions on how other sections can keep track of their own history?
Pictures are the best. Try to take pictures at all events and upload them to a common site.
Has your section been the home of any famous SWE members or other people?
Yes, Cathy Pieronek (our advisor), she’s pretty great and very involved with SWE national.

Event Highlight

Describe an event that your section does that relates to (pick one): outreach, your unique section, a social activity, technical learning, professional development, joint events with other organizations, etc.
One of our biggest events is Engineer-A-Palooza. This was started two years ago but it’s an event put on during the first two weeks of school. Last year we got a blow up obstacle course. The event was a big success and really kicked off the year for the whole college.
What kind of new events do you plan on starting at your section?
We’ve got a pretty substantial amount of events but we would like to start some events centered around diversity where we interact with other clubs.
Does your section interact with other nearby sections?
Only when we can make it to conference. Otherwise, we are pretty far away.

Section Strategies

What does your section do to attract and retain members?
We try to really let our members know that they will be doing something worthwhile and all the benefits of national SWE.
How do you reward members?
We let their hard work reward themselves.
Some states get cold in the winter. How do you get members out when it’s cold outside?
Offer food at every meeting. It really helps!
How does your section obtain funds to help defray the costs of attending a conference?
Our school pays for the entire trip (which is very helpful!). We only make members pay if they sign up and then back out.

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