Recruiting Commuter Students

As another installment in our month’s Recruitment and Retention theme, here are some ideas for recruiting commuter students.

  • Ask for advice from your commuter student office or the people who run commuter student orientation. They know the most about your particular school. Plus, they might have a commuter email list.
  • If you don’t have one already, ask your engineering department for a SWE office or cubicle where commuter students can stay between classes. Keep it stocked up with a microwave and coffeemaker.
  • Host recruitment events such as free morning coffee in the engineering building.
  • Don’t count on poster advertising, because commuter students might not have time to look at flyers on bulletin boards. Try putting flyers on windshields or making table tents for cafeterias.
  • Publicize your events in chalk on campus chalkboards in the engineering classrooms.
  • Create a carpooling group for events. Offer to pick people up from home.
  • Hold a membership drive, and raffle off parking stickers.
  • Hold events at a friendly time of day. If your school has a lot of evening students, avoid late meetings.
  • Hold some events off-campus, in local hangout spots. It might not be as far for them to drive, and it won’t make them feel like they just left campus and had to drive all the way back.
  • Organize pre-exam study sessions, because commuters might not have study buddies at home.

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