Hot Topic: Making A Personal Connection To Members

To kick off our monthly Hot Topic of “making a personal connection to members,” here’s how you can use social networking to build relationships with passive members of your section!

In the real world, people connect face-to-face or over the telephone. This really only happens at SWE meetings. To extend your section’s control over your membership, you need to take advantage of other methods of making connections.

Social networking is a great way to network with SWE members. Recruiting is a lot about networking, and so is retention. If people don’t have a SWE support network, they won’t stay. Social networking allows you to build a SWE network by:

  • Find great prospects who fall into the “passive member” category
  • Check out their profiles to see what strengths they can add to your section
  • Establish a personal connection outside of meetings using their provided contact information

I’m not encouraging you to Facebook-stalk potential members, or to harass them to come to meetings. I’m suggesting that you use the internet as a tool to get to know your passive members better.

E-networking has a far wider reach than you have personally. Building a SWE profile or page on Facebook puts SWE in the thoughts of every person who sees it. It also builds a sense of membership among the people who “friend” or “fan” your section.

Facebook allows you to keep track of interested people who friend your section. Finally, you can send out mass Facebook messages for events. Many people who hate email are Facebook junkies, so it allows you to diversify your contact methods.

Unfortunately, social networking sites quickly become out of date. If you start social networking, make sure your profile has a designated maintainer.

One Reply to “Hot Topic: Making A Personal Connection To Members”

  1. Great Hot Topic Post! I agree that you should make sure someone keeps the site up to date! My SWE Section (the University of Akron, Akron, OH) has trouble keeping our Facebook site up to date.

    Out of curiosity, have you tried using other social networking sites to connect with members, such as Twitter?

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