IRS E-Postcard

Your IRS Form 990 E-Postcard is due November 15th.
This form makes sure that your section still exists and still wants to be a non-profit.

Every section needs to complete one.

Your section needs to either:

  • Be your own registered non-profit, and add yourself as a subordinate organization under SWE’s umbrella
  • Have permission from your university to use their non-profit EIN number

To download detailed instructions on how to fill out this E-Postcard, click here.

Right now, the only schools who are their own registered non-profit are:

  • H053 Kettering University – A
  • H061 University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
  • H066 University of Minnesota
  • H079 Western Michigan University
  • H080 University of Wisconsin – Madison
  • H083 Valparaiso University
  • H092 Indiana Technological Univesity
  • H093 Grand Valley State University
  • H095 Kettering University – B
  • H096 University of Wisconsin – Stout

These schools need to email the SWE Finance Chair to make sure their section is a subordinate organization under SWE’s group tax exemption.

Everyone else needs to follow the instructions linked above to either register their own IRS EIN number or obtain permission to use their university’s.


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