Insurance for Outreach Events

When you’re holding really big outreach events, you might need a Certificate of Insurance. They make sure that SWE doesn’t go bankrupt if something goes wrong at the event. You should get a COI if your event meets any of the following criteria:

  1. Length of 3 or more days
  2. Overnight stay
  3. Expected attendance of 100+ people
  4. Outdoor event
  5. Alcohol served
  6. Children under 18 years of age attending
  7. Inadequate student to chaperone ratio (varies –
    depending on age of children)
  8. Day camp

In the past, our insurance company would pay the overage if the cost of insurance went over our set amount.
This year, they’re stopping.

If your event needs a Certificate of Insurance, you now need to get  an estimate, and your section will have to pay any extra charges (~ $0.50 per girl, for events of 100+ people). But every event is different, and you might have to pay less, or even nothing!

To obtain additional insurance, you should contact Michael Chan at SWE HQ ( and submit a form to get an estimate of additional insurance cost. Do this early, because your outreach chair needs to account for this fee in their event budget.

Life lesson: to avoid insurance fees, don’t hold dangerous outreach events.

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