What’s a “Leadership Pipeline?”

The “Leadership Pipeline” is SWE’s sucession planning program. The pipeline makes sure that every position has someone in it. Its purpose is to identify people who want to get more involved in SWE, and to  pair them with mentors in the positions they’re striving for.

Region H piloted the Leadership Pipeline two years ago, and now it’s been rolled out to all of the regions.

Reach for your SWE goals! If you’re interested in becoming an RCR (representative), RCCE (communications editor) or RCS (senator), let me know and I’ll get you in contact with the student currently in that position!

More about each position:

  • The Region Collegiate Representative (RCR) keeps the Region Governor updated on all the collegiate sections. They collect reports, track membership, keep presidents in the loop, and answer questions about individual sections’ problems. Our region has two (2) RCRs.
  • The Region Collegiate Communications Editor (RCCE) keeps you updated on what’s happening throughout SWE! She maintains the blog and serves as an alternate RCR. Our region has one (1) RCCE.
  • The Region Collegiate Senator attends biannual Senate meetings to make sure the SWE Senate is informed on what collegiates want. She also particpates in other Senate-related conference calls. Our region has one (1) RCS.

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