Officer Transition Problems

At our November conference call, the RCRs and RCCEs talked a little about common problems SWE sections have been having.

One of the sections in Region J (Pacific Northwest) is having difficulties with officer transitions.

Is your section having problems with the same issue? Here’s some solutions:

  • Post information on your position in a wiki
  • Make a binder for your position and keep it somewhere safe
  • Write an instruction manual on “How To Be President”
  • Use a SWE email address ( for all of your communication, to eliminate “loss of contact information” problems
  • Hold elections in the winter, and have new officers shadow the older ones
  • Hold elections in the winter, and have office terms start in January rather than April
  • Require an officer transition meeting where new officers learn about their duties

Any more great suggestions? Comment on this post!

To get help with your own section’s problems, comment on this post with an issue and we’ll help you work it out!


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