Leadership Burnout Issues?

At our November conference call, the RCRs and RCCEs talked a little about common problems SWE sections have been having.

Some sections are having difficulties with leadership burnout.

Is your section having problems with the same issue? Here’s some solutions:

  • Reduce the number of events they have to plan (delegate, or straight-out eliminate)
  • Involve the entire section in planning or running events
  • Ask the Collegiate Leadership Coaches for help with recruitment and planning
  • Get the advisor or counselor to tell them they’re doing too much (sometimes you need to hear it from another person)
  • Reduce micromanagement
  • Volunteer to help out!

Any more great suggestions? Comment on this post!

To get help with your own section’s problems, comment on this post with an issue and we’ll help you work it out!

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