Tax Exemption

There’s a lot of great things that go along with being an official non-profit. For starters, you’re tax-exempt from all of your purchases. But to become a non-profit, your section needs to register to be a subordinate group under the SWE group tax exemption by March 15th.

SWE only updates the IRS once a year as to the existence of new tax exempt sections.  If you don’t file a request to be a subordinate organization under the SWE group tax exemption by March 15th, you won’t be able to become a non-profit until at least July 2011!

There’s a list under the cut of sections that need to register under SWE with the IRS (as of November).

The following sections are golden:

  • H050 Bradley University
  • H053 Kettering University – A
  • H061 University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
  • H066 University of Minnesota
  • H079 Western Michigan University
  • H080 University of Wisconsin – Madison
  • H083 Valparaiso University
  • H092 Indiana Technological Univesity
  • H093 Grand Valley State University
  • H095 Kettering University – B
  • H096 University of Wisconsin – Stout

The following sections need to check with their university to make sure you can use their tax-exemption number:

  • H051 University of Detroit-Mercy
  • H054 University of Illinois – Urbana/Champaign
  • H058 Iowa State University
  • H063 Michigan State University
  • H070 University of Notre Dame
  • H072 Purdue University – West Lafayette
  • H077 Trine University
  • H089 Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

The following sections need to register with the IRS in the next two weeks:

  • H052 University of Evansville
  • H055 University of Illinois – Chicago
  • H056 Illinois Institute of Technology
  • H057 University of Iowa
  • H059 Lawrence Technological University
  • H060 Marquette University
  • H062 University of Michigan – Dearborn
  • H064 Michigan Technological University
  • H065 Milwaukee School of Engineering
  • H067 University of North Dakota
  • H068 North Dakota State University
  • H069 Northwestern University
  • H071 Oakland University
  • H073 Purdue University – Calumet
  • H074 Purdue University – Indianapolis
  • H078 Wayne State University
  • H081 University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
  • H082 University of Wisconsin – Platteville
  • H084 St. Cloud State University
  • H085 Northern Illinois University
  • H086 Indiana/Purdue University – Fort Wayne
  • H087 Minnesota State University – Mankato
  • H090 Lake Superior State University
  • H092 Indiana Institute of Technology

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