Re-drawing Region H’s Boundaries

The Board of Directors is considering re-drawing Region H’s boundaries, since Region H is so much larger than its neighboring regions. For example, the Region H Conference draws close to 700 participants; the Region G Conference (Ohio, WV, KY, parts of PA) draws less than 200.

Currently, the BOD’s proposals are as follows:

  • Move the Detroit-area sections to Region G
  • Move all sections in MI’s Lower Peninsula to Region G
  • Move all sections in MI (Upper & Lower Peninsula) to Region G
  • Move Northeast IN and Central IN sections to Region G

The earliest implementation of this would be FY2012 (July 2011). They plan on inviting the Region G leadership to the 2011 Region H Conference at the University of Michigan to scope out this project further. There will be a number of teleconferences on the subject, which I’ll be sure to announce as soon as I know when they are.

The BOD doesn’t want to force sections to move, so they need your input! Send your thoughts to Martha Maxwell, chair of the Assessment Team, or reply to this post and I’ll be sure to send them on.


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