Heartland Roundtable Recap (September 25, 2010)

A brief recap of the goals of the Society at both the societal (national and international) and regional levels:

Goal #1:  Growing the Profession-Outreach

  • Train 1,000 outreach STEM initiators (2% of members)
  • Track the number of students affected by FY11 Outreach programs ( numbers can be emailed to our Region H governor, Wendy Landwehr, at wendy.landwehr@swe.org)
  • Utilize Program Development Grants  (see Resources page for details)

Goal #2: Professional Excellence (this goal is more applicable to the professional members)

  • Offer quality professional development programs for all career stages and sectors as measured by program survey results

Goal #3: Industry Catalyst (also more applicable to the professional members)

  • Increase the number of discussions on SWE’s position papers with industry, government, and academic influencers by 20%

Goal #4: Inclusive Global Community

  • Exceed the 20,900 membership goal in FY11 (15% net growth)

Right now, Region H has the 3,204 members!  We can help reach SWE’s goal if we all encourage one person to join this year!

Feel free to share any events that your section hosts to recruit new members!


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