Hot Topic: Making Use of SWE Resources

Aside from your number one resource, the Region H blog, the Society of Women Engineers has lots of great resources for members to utilize!  You can find them at


Recognition (SWE Collegiate Awards)

Job and Internship Search

K-12 Outreach (Utilize PDG grants, more information on the Resources page)


Because SWE values the importance of education, scholarships are offered at many levels.  Some collegiate sections offer scholarships, but there are also opportunities available through professional sections as well as at the societal level.


Apply, apply, apply!  The Society of Women Engineers presents awards to collegiate sections at the Annual Conference.  Utilize the feedback from the Awards Committee to improve your submissions for next year.  Those who win these awards know how to apply, and sometimes there are not many applicants.  These awards often include cash prizes!

Job and Internship Search

Upload your resume to SWE’s Career Center!  Companies pay to use this Career Center, so they are looking for great candidates like you!  You can also network with professional sections by searching the online Membership Directory on the SWE website to set up informational interviews with professional members that work in an industry of your interest.

K-12 Outreach

The Society has great resources (both financial and informational) for those of you interested in planning an outreach event.  See the Resources page for Program Development Grant information and forms.  These grants are set aside for sections looking to plan outreach or professional development events, and the committee in charge of awarding these grants has been challenged to award $100,000 this year!

What SWE resource have you found most useful?  Is there a resource you would like to utilize but do not know how?  Feel free to leave questions and comments!


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