Hot Topic: Getting Involved at the Societal Level

Have you ever considered getting involved outside of your collegiate section?  Expanding your leadership experience beyond your University is a great way to gain valuable professional development skills!  How can YOU get involved?

As a member of your Region Collegiate Team, you have the opportunity to meet other SWE leaders from across the United States and work with the professional leaders in your region.  This is a great way to get insight on staying active in SWE after graduation.  Plus, you will be responsible for leading the meetings at the Regional and Annual conferences, which gives you the chance to learn from SWE section presidents and help them get the information they need to keep their sections running smoothly (and in good standing!).

  • Region Collegiate Representative, RCR ( – The collegiate leader that oversees each collegiate section in the region.
  • Region Collegiate Communications Editor, RCCE ( – The collegiate leader that manages the region collegiate blog.
  • Region Collegiate Senator, RCS – The collegate leader that serves on the society Senate.
  • Region Collegiate Membership Coordinator, RCMC ( – The collegiate leader that monitors region membership.
  • Collegiate Leadership Coaching Committee – The collegiate leaders who present leadership and professional development modules to collegiate sections.  For more information, contact Molly Johnson at, and see the Leadership Coaching page for further details.
Region Collegiate Team Organizational Structure

Check out the Leadership Posts page to hear from the collegiate leaders in your region!

Consider the opportunity to be a SWEFL.  A Society of Women Engineers Future Leader is nominated by fellow SWE members, faculty advisor, counselor, or mentor in SWE who recognizes and sees leadership potential in the candidate.  The candidate must be a rising sophomore and junior, who will assume the role for the following fiscal year and encourages members to nominate other potential leaders.  Information about nomination for this position will be sent during spring semester.

You can also participate on committees at the Societal level, and information on these committees can be found under “About SWE” on  SWE always wants collegiate members on these committees!  A list of committee chairs is below, and you can email chair to join at

  • Audit – Anne Lucietto
  • Awards & Recognition – Kristin Ramey
  • Bylaws – Betty Leonhard
  • Collegiate Interest – Kelly Schable
  • Collegiate Leadership Coaching – Laura Iannacci
  • Finance – Elizabeth Bierman
  • Government Relations & Public Policy – Peggy Layne
  • Membership – Erin Penne  
  • Multi-cultural – Sandy Postel  
  • Outreach – Mary Phelps
  • Procedures – Diana Joch
  • Program Development Grants – Mary Perkinson
  • Scholarship – Danielle Kamel
  • Strategic Planning – Holli Pheil

Email the chair and find out what each committee does and how you can participate!


2 Replies to “Hot Topic: Getting Involved at the Societal Level”

  1. Don’t forget the Collegiate Director position! The CD position is another great way for collegiates to get involved as a leaders in SWE 🙂

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