January Hot Topic: Making the MOST of the Region H Conference!

Top 10 Reasons YOU Should Go to the Region H Conference!

  1. You attend workshops about good health, green energy, and even how to find your dream job!
  2. You explore campus on cool tours!
  3. You network with the professionals and collegiates from all over the midwest!
  4. You tour the city of Ann Arbor, MI!
  5. You practice your interviewing skills by attending the Career Fair!
  6. You share best practices with other SWEeties!
  7. You educate younger officers on the benefits of being involved in regional leadership positions!
  8. You eat much better than you do at home(at a networking lunch and banquet dinner)!
  9. You stay at a fabulous resort!
  10. The best reason of all: you continue to fulfill SWE’s goal to further aspire, advance, and ACHIEVE!

Check out the conference website for more information!  Day registration is still open until the 13th!  Click the following link to register: http://swe.engin.umich.edu/regionals2011/register.php


For more details about the conference, here is the conference link: http://swe.engin.umich.edu/regionals2011/index.php


Make sure to bring your resume and appropriate business attire for the Career Fair!


The Regional Conference is a great way to learn from other SWE sections.  Make sure to meet new people and ask lots of questions in the sessions you attend!  If you are interested in a Regional Collegiate Leadership position, please stop your RCR, RCCE, or RCS and ask them about what they do!  They would love to share their story with you. 


You can learn more about what they do by checking out the Region Collegiate Team page on the Region H blog. 



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