March Hot Topic: Transitioning from Collegiate to Professional

If you have been involved in SWE for a few years, you have likely committed to the same events/efforts each year.  If you are new to SWE, it is likely that you are still exploring and learning about all the opportunities SWE has to offer.  As a collegiate, your SWE involvement can vary greatly between roles as an active member and roles as a leader.

When transitioning from collegiate to professional, your first move should be to connect with your local professional SWE section.  Get on their email distribution list and keep an eye on the types of events they host and when these events are held.  Email the president or another officer and ask them questions (be as specific as possible) about how their section works, such as:

  • When are meetings held?   How many meetings are held throughout the year?
  • How big is the section?
  • How many outreach events are executed throughout the year?
  • Can you connect me with other new professionals interested in joining your section?
  • What leadership roles can I pursue right out of college?

Check out this link for an entire list of available positions at the societal level for recent grads: FY11 Collegiate Opportunities

Feel free to share any worthwhile opportunities or ask questions about SWE leadership roles!



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