April Hot Topic: Planning for the Year Ahead

Almost there!

As most of us are rounding on the final few weeks of school, it is hard to believe that we have finished another year.  Graduation, finals, new internships, everything seems to speed up before it slows down for the summer.

If you are completing or starting a leadership role in SWE, you may have a few end-of-semester items to finish:

  • Presidents: Submit final quarterly report and annual report
  • Treasurers: Submit financial report and file appropriately for taxes
  • Officers/Directors/Committee Members: Be sure that you are prepared to take on your new role for next year or if you are leaving, and make sure to properly transition the new SWEetie into your role

As you look to the year ahead, consider what your long term goals will be as a collegiate or professional SWE member.  Continuing your involvement in SWE as a professional will likely be much different than as a collegiate.  One of the best ways to get involved is to join a committee.  These are a great way to see where your interests lie.  They are a lower time commitment, especially if you elect to simply be included on the conference calls.  Then you get to see how the committee functions and what its responsibilities are, etc.

If you are not graduating, look at the opportunities available within your section.  Where can you contribute?  Be actively involved on a committee or event that is related to a leadership role you would like to have someday, and talk to members who have held or are currently holding those roles.  Utilize them as a resource for you before they graduate!

Also, as a SWE member and future leader, it is important to remember the importance of building a leadership pipeline.  Make sure that your section supports and encourages younger members to be active and stay involved throughout college.  Sections lose experience each year at graduation but regain energy from younger members who are enthusiastic to try new ideas!

Feel free to comment on your plans for the year ahead!  Best of luck with finals!


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