May Hot Topic: How to Utilize SWE in Your Professional Career

As you graduate, you will see numerous opportunities available to you through SWE as a professional engineer.

Free webinars are a great way to gain access to valuable SWE resources on your own time.  SWE Headquarters sends out “e-blasts” informing you about these excellent presentations.

Being a part of the Society of Women Engineers as a collegiate provides you with lots of opportunities to talk to professionals about what they do and how they have stayed involved in SWE after graduating.  If you are interested in an area of SWE leadership, reach out to an RCR or RCCE (I love email!) to see if they can give you the contact information for a person who holds a leadership role in that area.  Most people love to tell you what they do, and they may even be able to recommend a committee for you.

Committees are a great way to “get your foot in the door” by listening in on conference calls and being included in correspondence.  Even without being a voting member or having a specific job, you get the chance to see how the committee functions, what kind of responsibilities it has, and how much of a time commitment it requires.

Make sure to reach out and inquire about areas in which you are interested!  Being a part of SWE introduces you to a whole new group of people in your section, your region, and even across the US!  It is a great way to make connections that can introduce you to new opportunities for professional development.


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