SWE’s Next Top Model

Do you have what it takes to become SWE’s Next Top Model?  Are you a SWE member with enthusiasm, passion, and character for a camera to capture?  Well if you are attending the WE11 Annual Conference in Chicago, you could be SWE’s Next Top Model!

Dayna Johnson is the WE11 Local Host Committee Co-Chair, and part of what she is responsible for is recruiting “models” to help with the photo shoot for next year’s annual conference. SWE headquarters uses SWE members for this, and that includes outgoing college students! It may not be America’s Next Top Model, but you will have just as much fun with this photo shoot.
If you are interested in applying, please send Dayna Johnson an email at dayna.johnson@swe.org.

They are looking for approximately 5 ladies, diversity is a plus, and they really want people who are outgoing and hope that will show through in the photos.

The models must be attending WE11 in Chicago, and will not be compensated.
Dayna will pass along required paperwork after send her an email of interest!
The deadline for submissions is September 6th.


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