WE11 Aftermath

Hey Region H!

It’s been almost two weeks since the SWE Annual Conference.  I hope all that attended had a great time,  took advantage of the great sessions and programs at WE11, and had some time to grab some pizza.  If you haven’t already, now is the time to schedule a meeting to discuss everything you picked up at the conference that could benefit your section.  Whether it be a best practice shared during the region collegiate meeting or an outreach idea from one one of the many sessions, one idea could lead to a new section activity.

With WE11 at a close, it is officially time to ramp up your year in SWE.  With meeting in full swing by now, attend all meetings that fit in your schedule to continue to get the most of your membership.  Membership.  Still not a national member of SWE?  You can still join by registering online.  Share the idea of the C2C membership to a younger student or a student that plans on continuing their education through graduate school.  The membership committee created a video to share with your section and inform them about the C2C membership option.

Thank you to all sections that contributed to the slideshow that was played during Celebrate SWE!.  All of the H’s were amazing!  Congratulations to all sections and members that received awards during the Awards Banquet and Celebrate SWE!  Continue to make Region H proud!

Best Practices shared and gathered during the region collegiate meeting will be posted at the end of the week in the Best Practices Page.  Professional photos captured during WE11 are located on The Photo Group’s webpage.  Obtain the access code to view the pictures from your section president.  If you would like to share your photos on the blog, send them to the RCCE.

Bright and early at 7:30 AM!

Region H wide awake at 7:30AM for a region collegiate meeting!


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