Technology Tuesday

Happy Tuesday.  In an effort to give everyone a reason for a quick 5 minute break Tuesday night, a new post about an emerging technology or invention will be posted each Tuesday!  So hit the pause button on your simulations, put a bookmark in your text book and enjoy learning about an up and coming technology or one already on the market..

So you’ve gone to the cell phone store and picked out the latest phone to suite your needs.  You even buy the protective cover so you don’t scratch it before the end of the week.  However, no matter how much protective accessories you invest in for your phone, you are bound to drop your phone sooner or later.  Maybe your book shoves it off your desk or it slips out of your hands.  The thought of your screen cracking is literally life shattering.

Don’t worry for too long.  Flexible screens are on their way!  The flexing of the screen also plays a role in scrolling and zooming.  Samsung in particular is predicting to debut a flexible phone in 2012.  Analysts suggest that once the phone screen is made flexible, tablets will be short to follow.  What do you think?  If your phone was ready to retire when a phone with a flexible screen is available, would you try it out?

For the full article on cell phones with flexible screen technology, please visit CNN’s technology page.

If you would like to see some footage of the screens of the future, take a peek at the video below.


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