Some SWE Reminders

This is a short reminder for all sections and members.

SECTIONS:  Each section needs to submit their E-Postcards if they have an EIN that is different from their schools. The E-Postcard must be submitted by November 15th. Once you have submitted your E-Postcard, please remember to send a notice to your RCR’s Heather and Christina at

MEMBERS:  Registration for the Region H Conference hosted by UW-Madison!  The conference is February 17th-19th.  Be sure to mark your calenders and plan a trip with your section to attend the conference.  There are great sessions that can will further enrich your professional, self, and section development.  A full list is available on the Region H Conference Website listed below.  So sign up to Set Sail with SWE.

Region H Conference 2012 at University of Wisconsin Madison – Website

There are also some graduate and undergraduate research opportunities available at Kansas State and Rochester Institute of Technology.  Both opportunities are in sustainability.  If you are interested, check out the Opportunities page.


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