Hot Topic: Thanks to Engineering

Engineering has progressed thanks to the advancement in technology and the countless number of women and men in STEM fields. Take a look back just ten years and you’ll recall that iPods did not exist. If you went for a road trip, changes are you used an atlas or state map rather than Google maps. How about checking email on your phone? There have been many advancements that have aided in making life easier and maybe even a little bit more hectic at times.

The phone.

Rotary dial phones were introduced in 1919. The wheel used to dial the number interrupted the current in the line, which created a pulses that corresponded to the number being dialed. We’ve come a long way twirling a dial. Phones have been transportable since 1973, when Martin Cooper of Motorola made the first call with a portable cell phone. Phones have been used in vehicles since the 40s, but Cooper’s was the first that emphasized the portable function. Portable phones today now fit in pants pockets, can surf the web, store music, and watch TV. Phones are more of a small computer rather than a device used to simply send and receive calls.

Food can last longer on the shelf as well as after being prepared if storing it in an air tight container in the fride. One container that is well known is Tupperware. Tupperware was developed by Earl Tupper in the 30s and by 1947 he created his own corporation to continue to manufacture the containers which were soon followed by airtight lids. Tupperware slowly started to replace ceramic containers in the kitchen and know virtually every home has a cupboard or drawer devoted to some brand of plastic food storage. The storage containers come in many shapes and sizes; there are containers fit ecspecially for your pb&j sandwhich, leftover onions, bananas, ceral, and the list goes on.

Coffee by the push of a button.  

How many of you grab a cup of joe in the morning to start your day on a good note? If you are like most college students, coffee or some form of caffeine is the usual go to drink in the morning or even late at night. The first automatic coffeepot was invented by Russell Hobbs in 1952. Where you use to need to grind beans there are now coffee makers that do everything for you, as well as make your coffee while you are asleep so you can wake up and pour a fresh mug right after you find the motivation to get out of bed. Another positive with coffee makers today is that incase you sleep through your alarm, maybe the aroma, will wake you up on time for class or work.
The Calculator.  

What would some of us do without a calculator in arms reach? Back in 1967 Texas Instruments created the first handheld calculator. The calculator weighed 45 ounces, accepted six-digit number, and performed addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Today calculators can do a lot more than just the four basic math functions. Calculators can perform calculus and differntial equation functions, plot data, solve equations, store data, and even load application off the web.

Thanks to engineering all of the above inventions have made it in society and been improved throughout the years. Small advancements in products lead to new inventions. Such as how the coffeepot created a line of kitchen space for other small appliances. There are millions of other inventions and patents that have come thorugh engineering. What engineering feats hit home to you and make you thankful for engineering?

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