Technology Tuesday: Flipit!

Technology Tuesday is here and today’s technology bit is about the Flipit! USB Charger.  While the device may not apply to everyone, it is small and innovative.  If you are someone that is always in need of charging your phone or music device and don’t have enough plug space in your living quarters.  The Flipit! USB Charger allows you to charge a device supported via USB connection. 

Curious as to how it works?  Well for starters there is a power plug adaptor on the back.  The top two slots in the rotating adapter each have metal contacts that line up with the two plug slots in a power chord.  The metal contacts transfer the power to the USB adapter.

With a built in AC adapter, the Flipit will charge your device that is on its bar of juice.   Keep in mind that in order for your device to charge, you need to have another device plugged into the socket housing the Flipit.

If you don’t already have a USB port hub, the Flipit may be another option for all of you cord collecting, technology savy students and full time professionals.


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