Technology Tuesday – Thanksgiving, there’s an app for that!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!  I hope you are enjoying your break from school or work if it has already begun.  And if it has not begun for you yet, I hope you are preparing to clock out for a few days for good food and some relaxation time.

When it comes to making a meal how do you know when to start the stuffing without the rolls reaching an ambient room temperature?  Well this Technology Tuesday discusses some apps that can help you in making a delicious Thanksgiving meal.

iFeast is an app for smart phones offered by both the apple store and android stores.  The apple store says “If you agree that one of the trickiest parts of Thanksgiving dinner is making sure that everything is ready at the same time, piping hot, then iFeast is for you. ”

The app is preloaded with four menus, but you can trade out items and replace them with your preferred food choices.  It is pre-scheduled with a countdown so that you can get your meal to the table on time for the feast to begin.

There is another app that is filled with traditional foods for Thanksgiving dinner.  The app entitled Thanksgiving Dinner gives you basic traditional recipes and includes an overall schedule to help you get your meal ready on time; and, a grocery list to make it easier to get your supplies if you have not made a run to the supermarket yet.

The recipes that are included are for: turkey, corn bread stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls, cranberry sauce, orange desert, and apple crumb pie.

And if you of legal drinking age and enjoy wine, you could find the perfect wine to compliment your meal.  So rather than guessing wrong, the Pair It! app provides over 20,000 food and wine pairings.  This app can be used for celebrations other than Thanksgiving too!

Just as there was a Hot Topic earlier this month devoted to giving thanks for engineering, you can cheers to engineering and technology again for some great apps that help simplify life.

~Gobble Gobble


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