Technology Tuesday: Microscopes with Smartphones?

This week in Technology Tuesday, we are going into the world of science.  While not everyone uses a microscope on a daily basis, some of you like to look at some neat objects under the light.  The SkyLight is an adapter that connects smartphones to microscopes.

Ever see something through a microscope that you wish you would have been able to take a video of or share an awesome picture with all your friends?  With the SkyLight, you can do all of that as well as upload or email your photos and videos via the smartphone.

This device allows users to upgrade their microscope to the digital age, as long as they have a smartphone.  The SkyLight is a device that is not in the market yet, but is currently being promoted on KickStarter.  KickStarter is a website for entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas and raise money in a given time period in order to get there product to production on the market to you, the customer!

On SkyLight’s KickStarter page, they include photographs of test specimens they have captured with their phone and CAD models.  A more detailed description on how the device works and how to videos are also included on their website.  Interested in more?  Check them out here!

SkyLight Promo Video


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