A Message From Your Region H Governor

The past 6 months have been exciting ones for Region H especially because WE11 was in our region.  I am a member of the Chicago Regional Section, who did a great job in coordinating the volunteers and other responsibilities. Region H had an awesome turnout, especially from the collegiate sections.  Do you know that we filled 28 tables at Celebrate SWE? We had many award winners too.

Just recently I have attended two Charter banquets for new professional sections.  It is wonderful to see the enthusiasm with these new groups.  The two new sections are: Southwest Central Indiana near Bloomington, IN and the Dubuque Area Section, Dubuque, IA and nearby Wisconsin towns.  If you end up in one of these locations with your job after graduation, check out these sections.  Definitely check out any local SWE professional section where you are working, there is always something interesting going on and leadership opportunities.

The 2012 Region H conference is coming up February 17-19 in Madison, WI.  I have been working with the University of Wisconsin section and they have a great group of sessions planned.  The whole conference will be held at the Madison Concourse Hotel and Conference center. This is something not be missed.  Please register by January 9th, it is coming up fast!

I want to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and safe travels!

Wendy Landwehr

SWE Region H Governor


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