December Hot Topic: Balancing Your Break

Congratulations on making it through finals and if this was your last semester, congratulations on graduating college!

For those that have not graduated, end of semester finals usually mark the end of a class and the beginning of a few weeks to catch up on sleep. Coming home for the holidays is always a good feeling.  Most students are exhausted from a semester of balancing academics and fun; And some have managed to squeeze in a full or part time job into that equation. Finals are over now and break has begun. How do you plan on balancing your break?

There are so many options!  Many go home to stay with family and others  might go spend their break traveling or abroad.  With all of the options available, be sure not to get too carried away.  Many try to plan too many activities during their break.  If you plan too much during your break, you could end up being more exhausted come day one of spring semester.  It’s break, so take a break and relax. For me, a relaxing semester end ritual is to dump out the Lego tub, listen to some Charlie Brown music, and make a lego town to assist in my family’s holiday decorations in the living room. 😀

If there are some items you wanted to work on during this past semester but haven’t had a chance to, now is your time!  For instance, SWE scholarships can now be filled out and submitted. Take advantage of this chance to earn financial aid towards your next year in college.   Letters of recommendations are required, so contact your favorite professors and advisors during break to get a head start. On that note, perhaps there is another scholarship you’ve been looking into or a summer fellowship/internship that you’ve been interested in applying for.  Or maybe you haven’t registered for the Region H Conference yet?  (You have until January 9th to do so.)

Have some outdoor activities you don’t have the time for during the semester? Well dust off the snowshoes, skies, sleds, or running shoes and hit the outdoors for some fresh air.

New graduate? After you have moved to your new job site, look into joining your local professional SWE section. Contact the leaders and attend their next meeting. Jump in and continue your SWE career by getting involved.

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Whether you are a recent graduate or have yet to graduate, simply enjoy your break.  The key to balancing your break is doing what you enjoy and not over scheduling your precious time.  Catch up on what you may not have had time for during the semester such as scholarships or sleep.  Have fun with some outdoor activities and simply relax.

Enjoy your break and  keep it balanced.


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