Aggregated Resources for Tech Career Re-Entry

After time away from a technical position such as engineering or software development, how can a person break back into the field and get hired?  Today was the public launch of a new website of aggregated resources for tech career re-entry:  Lori Flynn and Darlene Flores have created this website from their own recent career re-entry searches.

There are a lot of great web links whether you are a collegiate or professional re-entering the workforce.  Forward the link to other members or people you think would find this site beneficial!

People take time off from technical careers for many reasons, including raising young children, starting a business, volunteering internationally, or exploring a different job interest.  A person laid off from a job that used currently unmarketable technical skills faces similar re-entry issues.  Re-entry is a technical career issue that particularly affects women, since many women take time off to raise young children.

Technical career re-entrants face unique obstacles and need a particular set of resources to overcome those obstacles. Prior to publishing this website, cost-free website or career center with collected resources specific to technical career re-entry was near impossible.  The new website is free to use, and has an extensive collection of tips, techniques, strategies, and other resources.  Lori and Darlene hope it will help people returning to technical work after a career break.  The website is not affiliated with any commercial or non-profit organization.

Lori and Darlene both are currently re-entering the technical field and are welcome to feedback including suggestions about how to improve the website to better help re-entrants.  They would be grateful if you take the time to fill out the short survey on the website, after checking it out.

One of the interesting aspects of this project was the long-distance collaboration.  Lori Flynn and Darlene Flores have never met but connected on a discussion group for “women in tech” on LinkedIn.  Lori lives near Milwaukee and Darlene in Philadelphia but via the web and 1 phone call they managed, in a very short amount of time, to put together a website of valuable resources collected over the past several months.


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