Technology Tuesday: Consumer Electronics Show

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is fast approaching.  Electronics reporters and testers  traveled to Las Vegas for the start of the CES.  This year there are some neat TVs that will be making a debut.

OLED is a new TV that combines the best of LCD and Plasma TVs; thin and more efficient.  3D TVs are also slowly making their way to consumers homes.  The use of less expensive glasses, like the ones handed out at the movie theatres, are being integrated into family TVs.

Remotes.  Whether you always loose it in the sofa or keep it well seen on the coffee table, remotes will be undergoing an overhaul.  With more options for  TV usage, remotes are tending to go towards a dual side offering standard features on one side and a full keyboard on the opposite side.  Voice activation and gestures (remotes that act like a Wii wand) are also beginning to hit the market.

For information on all of the latest products introduced at CES, check out this video feed powered by Yahoo! and Consumer Reports.  Caution, there are a lot of neat toys and electronics!  I found an electronic foam airplane toy, next step is a more advanced phone.  Enjoy checking out these trends.

CES 2012 Preview: Top Trends Video


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