January Hot Topic: Resolve Your Resolution

It’s a New Year and for many of you, a plan to better yourself or another.  There are many New Year’s resolutions out there that people state.  According to USA.gov, some of the most popular resolutions include (the links are to resources with information on tips to resolving the resolution):

It’s now week three of the New Year.  How are you doing in maintaining or planning your resolution?  For many of us we simply run out of time or energy as the semester picks up in work load.  Add in there a senior project, full or part time work, and perhaps a dose of graduate or undergraduate research, the thought of staying with one or more goals for an entire year may seem mind boggling.

Whether you choose one of the popular resolutions above, have already implemented a different resolution, or set a goal for the year, here are some tips on obtaining your goal and resolving your resolution from ABC News 10 out of Sacramento, CA:

1. Make it Attainable – Often times, people are so revved up about changing for the better in the new year, their enthusiasm plays too large a role in the declaration of their resolution. Rather than one huge goal, try assigning yourself smaller, more manageable resolutions and enjoy the sense of accomplishment in achieving them throughout the year.  An example of this may be participating in a charity event.  A multi-day bike ride, walk, or run might be to advanced if you haven’t practiced for quiet some time.  However a one-day event is definitely in reach with some training time.  Last year, being an avid biker, my goal was to ride in a two-day, 150 mile charity ride.  With training and support from friends and family, I achieved my goal and supported a cause close to me.  

2. Don’t Make Too Many Goals – Wait, didn’t you just say to make a series of smaller goals rather than one big goal?  Yes, but within reason. Narrow it down to a quarterly plan, knocking off a couple goals every 4 months.  For example, eating more veggies over the next couple of months or buying less novelties and more necessities.  Both of these will also help you save money.  A big ol’ bag of carrots is cheaper than non-homemade cookies.  Or even set a bi-yearly target date for a few smaller resolutions.  For example, maybe your apartments is in need of some love and care.  Re-organizing a room can give your place a lift without spending money.  Heck, you might even find a few pennies or nickles.  

3. Write Down Your Resolution – Research has shown that people tend to follow through with actions when they write them down. Be specific, write down details and/or steps you’ll need to take to accomplish the goal. Having a written plan of attack is like charting a map towards resolution success.  Post that plan on your door or a place you will look at everyday.  Post encouraging quotes or images around it to keep you motivated about resolving your resolution.

4. Hold Yourself Accountable – In addition to your resolution, come up with a punishment for failure. Nothing too serious obviously.  Remember that charity event mentioned in the Make It Attainable section?  Well with a charity event comes the fundraising aspect.  Asking friends and family for financial support for the charity event is one way to make you accountable to sticking with your resolution or end goal.  

5. Use the Buddy System – Like working out, some people do better when they team up with a partner. A buddy keeps you accountable and a little bit of friendly competition will drive you towards achieving your goal before your partner.  The Buddy System is also a great way to keep each other motivated as well as stay in touch.  

6. Don’t Procrastinate – Strike while the iron’s hot and capitalize on that New Year’s buzz. Generally, those with resolutions come storming out of the gates but fade down the stretch. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as your resolution doesn’t keel over before the finish line, forcing you to mercifully put it out of its misery. Storm out of those gates. This way, if you hit a lull later, you’ve given yourself a bit of a cushion.  If you were thinking about resolving something this year, it’s not too late.  There is still time to plan out and write down your resolution and START!  Remember, a New Year resolution does not have to go for the entire year.  If it is more practicle for you to start in April or July, begin then.  



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