Technology Tuesday: Toys to Accompany Smart Phones

Ever have a moment when you are sitting at your desk and are having an engineering mind block on trying to finish you last homework problem before catching some sleep?  Well here are a fun list of toys that come with apps that allow you to control the device from an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

For the Aspiring Artist: iMarker

Crayola’s iPad coloring app is brought to life with the iMarker, produced by Griffin Technology.  When used with the free Crayola ColorStudio HD app, the iMarker lets kids draw in the style of a marker, pencil, crayon or paintbrush with one “writing utensil”.  Beyond coloring, the iMarker helps users unlock interactive content within the app’s coloring pages, like music and sounds.

For the RC Pilots out there:  Helo TC™

The HELO TC is a twin-rotor remote controlled helicopter that comes with a Flight Deck, which attaches to the iOS device’s headphone jack and beams infrared commands to the helicopter.  This helicopter comes complete with missiles that you can launch.

For everyone that loves to loose track of time with Legos: Life of George

Playing with Legos is no longer just seeing who can build the highest tower or the coolest car.  As much as the Lego brand has impacted many young aspiring engineers, they are taking their brand to a whole new level with the Life of George game. The Life of George game assigns players with certain objects to build as they follow the life story of “George.” As players build Lego models on the interactive build mat, the iPhone app works to determine how quickly and accurately models are constructed. Kids and those that are kids at heart can also build their own scale models on the mat.

For those with youngster running around looking for entertainment:  Totoya Creatures

This creation from the Carnation Group is a first among hybrid toys for kids to play, learn, and interact with in the future.  Totoya Creatures are soft bodied characters (stuffed animals/creatures) that have a pocket for an iDevice to be inserted.  Kids can interact with this fluffy creature after the free Totoya app is downloaded.




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