Excited for E-Week?

Happy February!  Groundhog French Creek Freddie from French Creek, West Virginia, would like to wish you an early spring this year.
 The week of February 19th through the 25th is Engineer Week or more commonly referred to as E-Week.  Below is a message from FY12 SWE Membership Committee Chair Elect, Susan Thomas Schlett on how you and your SWE section can get involved with E-Week:
Engineers Week 2012 is rapidly approaching (held the week of Washington’s birthday…week of Feb. 22nd this year).
Here is a really quick and inexpensive (FREE) thing that you can do to help assist in this week’s activities:
You can obtain an “info packet intended for engineers and engineering students to facilitate participation and outreach.
The Engineers Week 2012 Kit contains a folded 2012 poster, classroom activities and other resources.”
You can get one of these packets at no charge via one of the following ways:
1.  Phone the E-Week tel. at (412) 741-1393 (during normal business hours on the East coast), and
tell them you would like to receive the free Engineers Week 2012 Kit and give them your mailing address
2. To order on-line:
Go to EWeek.org
click on online store
click on volunteer kits
click on Engineers Week 2012 Kit
and follow the menu instructions.
On a personal note, I get one of these kits and donate it to my local school, library, or workplace every year. I explain to them what SWE and E-Week is all about and ask them if they would display the poster during this month. Check out the rest of the e-week offerings at e-week.org…you might find something you wish to purchase for yourself, a friend, co-worker or your SWE section. For example you can purchase ten posters at one time for the listed price.  Please pass this on to those you think would be interested and join me in celebrating engineers everywhere!  Order soon, so you receive your merchandise in time for Engineers Week 2012.
Susan Thomas Schlett
FY12 SWE Membership Committee Chair Elect

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