Technology Tuesday Goes to the Fashion World

In lieu of Valentine’s Day a week away, this Technology Tuesday is devoted to some pretty neat Valentine’s inspired creations.  


For those of you that love jewelry and don’t want to lose your USB drive Swarovski Crystal has a solution for you.  It’s called the USB Heart.  It is a red sparkly necklace that can be worn as an accessory with your everyday wardrobe.  The pendant portion of the necklace is a red silicon heart  that houses a heart-shaped USB key loaded with red crystals. Capacity you may ask?  4GB of pictures, reports, and important documents can be kept close to the heart at all times.  This necklace also will not fall in a puddle as you pull your car keys out of your pocket while straddling a puddle and trying to leap in your car.


Moving with the heart theme, there are heart-shaped computer mice out there.  A box of heart shaped chocolates are usually a winner for most people, but it’s okay to show your computer some affection every once and a while too.  

And boxes of chocolates shaped in hearts?  That is so 2003.  There are heart shaped boxes of little mini microbes calling for you!  ThinkGeek has a variety of “geeky” or “nerdy” items.  They also have 8-Bit Bouquets of flowers and interactive T-shirts.  When away from a person with the other shirt, the hearts are only partially lit up, but when close together, they are bright red.  Or perhaps you are a candle-lit dinner kind of person that loves Star Wars.  They even have Darth Vader’s lightsaber in the form of a candle stick to hold your favorite taper candle.  Lots of neat stuff.  If you are ever looking for a “geeky” gift, ThinkGeek is one online store to try out.  

If you know of any other cool gadgets and gizmos that are Valentine’s inspired don’t forget to comment below to share with everyone else! 


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