Technology Tuesday: Universe vs. You

It is hard to grasp the size of the universe and everything within.  There is a neat website that can help us capture the whole picture.  It is an interactive website.  The webpage starts out with an image of what appears to be small bugs and microbes.  As you click on the objects smaller or larger, the webpage will zoom out/in.  The size comparison goes as small as Planck length and up to the observable size of the universe, which is 93 billion light-years away and covers 9.3*10^26 meters!  The page covers trees, Boeing aircraft, buildings, the Great Wall of China, Earth, Jupiter, and proceeds to moons, planets, and galaxies that I have never heard of.  If you have the time to check out this fun, interactive, and interesting site, I highly encourage it.  Make sure you have a solid hour to learn before you click on the link, it will suck you in.  Size of the Universe Comparison Interactive Webpage.

And for all of you out there that celebrate Valentine’s Day, Happy Valentine’s Day!



2 Replies to “Technology Tuesday: Universe vs. You”

    1. Sorry everyone, the page appears to be down. The link is correct and was working last night, but appears to be down for the time being. If the webpage is back up and running soon, I will let everyone know.

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