February Hot Topic: Finding Your Passion

Always enjoy doing something that your friends may give you grief for?  This can happen a lot when you are studying engineering or are already out there in the field.  Because you are an engineer you may get labeled with a stereotype that holds you back from what you love.  For example, you love to tear apart engines in the lab all day and night but when you are not in the lab or garage your other passion is for music.  If you have ever been stereotyped, don’t shy away from your passion.  Stand out and show everyone else what you enjoy doing and are good at.  Find your passion and stick with it.  Being very involved in a hobby and having a passion for it is a great way to remove the strain placed on you from everyday work.

Don’t have a passion carved in stone yet?  No worries.  Try writing down your top ten activities/events in the last year or so.  The items you write down will likely have brought joy and excitement to your everyday life.  From your list, try to narrow your list down over the next few months and before you know it, you may find your true passion.

Photo Credit: art.com

Here are some ideas to jog your mind:

· Travel
· Creativity
· Baking
· Helping others / Charity work
· Volunteering
· Re-selling goods
· Teaching / Tutoring

Think of your passion as a part time job.  The more time you can devote to it  in a week, the happier you will be.

Below are some inspirational and thought provoking stories on finding one’s passion.

  • Daily Good: A Guide To Finding Your Passion  –  DailyGood was started in 1998, when a college student started sharing inspiration with a half a dozen of his friends by sending them an enriching quote every day.
  • How To Find Your Passion  –  Martha Beck whom appeared on the Oprah show talks about how to “get unstuck” and live your life.

Now it is your turn to find your passion!  It’s February, so fall in love with what you love to do and stick with it!  In the words of Confucius, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”


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