Running for RCR/RCCE/RCS? Here are a few benefits to consider when you are thinking about applying…

Undecided on whether you want to run for a region collegiate leadership position?  Here are some of the benefits put together by Jessica Kiefer and Jasmine Harris (RCR/RCCE Coordinators) that go along with holding a regional position:

  • The opportunity to travel to somewhere fun during summer (most expenses paid!) and receive leadership training.
  • Meet your Region Collegiate Team in person.
  • Meet the President of SWE, Board of Directors, and lots of other important people who have been involved for years.  Their biography and background is truly inspiring.
  • Network with other collegiate leaders outside your section and make friends that will last for years (we still regularly meet up with our old RCR/RCCE friends each year at conference).
  • Expand your professional network of women engineers.
  • Become a better public speaker by giving several presentations to large groups of collegiate and professional members.
  • Learn about SWE’s mission and apply it to help struggling sections across the Region. You’ll learn to deal with difficult situations and help solve conflict.
  • Fun and rewarding year while being involved in SWE!

The deadline for applicants has been expanded until February 22nd.  Make sure to complete the application survey and submit a nomination video.


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