SWE International Logo Contest

SWE International is looking for help in designing a logo.  SWE International is trotting the globe in search of your artistic and creative talents to design a logo. 


     SWE desires to aide women and those who support the organization’s initiative for its’ members to aspire, advance, and achieve in the areas of math, science, and engineering.

     With the globalization of engineering and advanced Technology SWE is actively pursuing the globalization of the organization through supporting more than 180 members in countries around the world. SWE has established the International Member Team to research and make recommendations on the potential models for the Society of Women Engineers to support future international activities.
Currently, the team supports pilot programs in India, Germany, Japan and Nigeria. That being said, SWE International is looking for a logo that encompasses the vision of a Global organization that ensures women worldwide reach their potential with the strong support of SWE members from any country!We are requesting SWE Members to suggest a logo after reviewing the SWE International website.  The logo should represent SWE’s vision of a global organization that promotes success in STEM education and advancement in engineering. The logo will be featured in the website, newsletters, and AnnualConference at the IMT booth. 

     All submissions are due by April 28, 2012 in the form of a .jpeg file extension which should not infringe up any copyright laws.  The IMT committee will review and submit the 10 logos to be voted upon by the SWE International community!  The winner will be showcased in the IMT newsletter. 

     All questions and submission should be sent to Enanga.Fale@swe.org.  Please include your SWE Member Number and Name with the submission as only SWE Members are able to participate in the contest.

Thank You
Enanga Fale, IMT Website LeadEnanga.Fale@swe.org

SWE Logo Contest Information


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