Technology Tuesday: Glassdoor

I found out about this website from a post on the Region B blog by RCR Vicki Ragsdale.   After taking a glance which turned into a full hour and a half investment over the weekend I too found this website very helpful.   It is a great resource for looking up information on companies prior to an interview or site visit.  It is called Glassdoor.  The website is free to use, but does require a log in to post your past work history.  The best part about Glassdoor is that it applies for all ages of job seekers.  If you are curious if your salary or hourly wage offer is the same as others, it will list by title the range.  Glassdoor even includes data for internships and co-ops.

Wondering how Glassdoor works?  People who work at a company or who have had interviews at a company can provide information about a company.  Some examples of the information that Glassdoor provides includes:

  • General Overview of Company
  • Salaries
  • Reviews (which include pros and cons)
  • Interview Questions
  • Photos of Facility

While browsing the site, Vicki found an interesting article like this one which covers the Top 25 Oddball Interview Questions submitted in 2011 and what people’s answers have been.  #2 on the list was “Just entertain me for five minutes, I’m not going to talk.”  Wowzers. What would you do if you were told that in an interview?  Would you have a blank stare or would you just start talking about what your passionate about; or perhaps your hobbies?

Sign up and be sure to stay one step ahead in the job hunt!  I hope you find this site as fascinating as I did.  {Thanks again Vicki for sharing this.}



One Reply to “Technology Tuesday: Glassdoor”

  1. I love Glassdoor and use it every once in a while to see reviews of different positions/companies and expected pay for a variety of different jobs. I’ve found that the reviews on this site help you figure out the company culture more than you can find on other sites

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