Technology Tuesday: Spring Into Some Outdoor Color

It’s April.  Unseasonably warm.  Flowers are starting to spring into action.  And for the most part, the snow is staying away from most in Region H.

With Spring in the air and the desire to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, many are looking for a reason to get outside and justify an hour away from class work.  Well here are a few fun ideas that involve new and old products.

Colored Bubbles.  That is right.  You can run around in the grass just like you did when young, but this time with bubbles that have color to them!  Saw the Outdoor Colored Bubbles at the store and figured I had to try them.  So five minutes later, I was running around making some sweet colored bubbles in the sunshine!  (And yes they did wash out off of skin and clothing).

Colored Bubbles


Geocaching combines modern GPS technology and the power of the internet with the old school adventure of treasure hunting.

Instead of using a map and a compass, hi-tech treasure hunters use a global positioning system (GPS) receiver to find their treasures, called geocaches, or simply caches.

The cache, the hidden treasure, can be just about anything (trinkets, small toys, etc.). Inside the container is a logbook where the treasure hunter enters the date they discovered it. Also inside the container, the treasure itself can be some type of toys or trinkets that can be collected. According to the standard rules of the game, if you take something from a geocache, you leave something similar in its place for the next seeker.

So there you have it.  One idea that is quick and offers a simple 5 or 10 minutes break from class work and another that you could spend a whole Saturday involved in.

Get out there and start to enjoy the weather before school is out and you internship, co-op, part-time job, or summer classes start!


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