Technology Tuesday – Just How Big is our Solar System?

Happy Earth Day Week!

The other day while searching for cool images of Earth I came across a chart.  A chart that describes the distance between objects in space and earth.  It starts with commercial aircraft altitude and goes along with fun facts along the way.

Here’s a few fun ones that grabbed my attention (all measured in distance from Earth):

1) Farthest traveled by a dog = 1660 km

2) GPS Satellites = 20,200 km

3) Farthest traveled by humans = 400,000 km

4) Cassini Probe which has been orbiting Saturn since 2004 = 1.5 billion km

5) Farthest man made object, Voyager 1 = 17.94 billion km

And that is just a few of the ones that jumped out while I was scrolling through our solar system.

Take a peak and learn some more about what is all really out there!



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