Hot Topic – Continuing in SWE

Liz and I getting some ice cream in Austin, TX for CLF.

It is that time of year again, time to renew your membership with SWE!  Looking back through this past year via jogged memories and my “SWE Pictures” folder on my computer I am going to give you some reasons why I love SWE and hopefully we share some of the same reasons!  Feel free to use these when recruiting new members in the fall or deciding whether or not to click on the renew button.

  • Freindship – I have met so many people on both the professional and collegiate level.  I have been able to to talk with, relate to, and hang out with peope that come from different walks of life and different parts of the country.  Being able to share SWE stories with others is always a great time and easy conversation starter.
  • Networking – It is great to meet professional

    members that work at the same company you have worked at or form a friendship with them.  Having a SWE mentor or being close with a professional section only strengthens your network and amplifies your opportunities for future jobs.
  • Annual Conference – It was great meeting even more members while attending annual conference this year.  In a sense it is almost like a short reunioun for people I see once, maybe twice a year.  For some it is as if picked up right were we left off.  There were also so many sessions to choose from.  I couldn’t even attend all of the ones I wanted to while in Chicago.  Hopefully next year, I will be able to get to all of them.
  • Section Activity – As many of you probably already know by now, I go to school at Michigan Tech.  I love the outdoors and spending time sitting in the sun when it decides to come out but also when it’s snowing.  Being a member of such an active local SWE section has kept me busy, but sure has put a smile on my face every week.  Knowing that I get to see the same ladies every week and occasional weekend is a great feeling!

Back in September of this FY I wrote about all of the membership options SWE offers.  However, that was awhile back and incase you need a refresher or would like to share with your section, please refer to the 2011 September Hot Topic titled, “Back To School, Back to SWE”.  In there you will find detailed information about your membership options.

SWE’s website is also now accepting membership renewals for FY13.  If you hold a Collegiate to Career (C2C) membership, please remember that you still need to renew your membership.  I have already renewed my C2C membership and it was great to see “no charge” on my confirmation of membership renewal.  For any incoming freshman or sophmores that get involved in your section I would highly recommend you to pass on the word about a C2C membership to them.  With co-ops being more of a must to graduate, or at the very least highly recommended, and most students going to school for more than four years, a C2C membership is a great way to save money and get the most that SWE has to offer through your first year as a professional.

To renew now, login to the Member Services site and complete the renewal request.  Already renewed your membership?  Update your profile here to ensure SWE has the most recent contact information.

FY12 Board of Directors (BOD) Installation

Below are some pictures that exhibit my year in SWE.  What were your favorite experiences in your SWE section this year?  Please reply below!

Region H Leadership – HART Meeting for professional and collegiate leaders hosted by the Minnesota Professional section.
Michigan Tech’s SWEatheats broomball team. Breaking sticks and having fun! Ohhh yeahhhh!
SWE Circle of Friends at the capital building in Austin, TX for CLF.

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