FY12 In Review – Spotlight on University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s SWE section is participating in the 2012 National Team Tech Competition. This project-based, engineering design competition focuses on student teamwork and interface with industry during the student educational process.

This year, SWE UIUC Team Tech worked with Cummins Emissions Solutions to design part of an after-treatment system for a diesel engine. The team workedwith an industrial advisor and several subject matter experts. They have recently finished three potential designs of a portion of the after-treatment system called the decomposition reactor. These designs have been submitted to Cummins for Computation Fluid Dynamics testing. The three designs focus on determining the parameter trade-offs in order to create a final optimal design for the decomposition reactor. The presentation component of the Team Tech competition will take place in Houston, Texas during November 2012 at the annual conference.

Big and Little Sisters stopping for frozen yogurt between classes.

Every spring, SWE holds Little Sisters Weekend, which is a 3- day overnight visitation pro-gram for girls admitted to the College of Engineering. Some of the events during this year’s LSW were: Guess the Engineer, Northrop Grumman presentation, Rip Chords performance, cosmic bowling, dorm and lab tours, Illinois Space Society demos, student panel, photo scavenger hunt, and much more! A grand total of 33 girls attended. They were paired up with SWE upperclassmen (“Big Sisters”), and had the chance to experience first-hand what it is like to be an engineering student at U of I. They were also able to meet and become friends with some of their potential classmates for next year.

Mommy, Me, and SWE –

This April, SWE -UIUC planned and executed a new outreach event called Mommy, Me & SWE that brought local elementary school girls and their mothers to the Champaign Public Library for a day of engineering exploration. The day began with an Engineering Fair, where participants learned about nine fields of engineering through interactive, hands-on demonstrations. During the afternoon, girls tested their design skills, creating a biomedical engineering device and a contraption to transport two Ping-Pong balls across the room via zip line. Participants remained engaged throughout the day and every survey indicated an increase in understanding of engineering. Perhaps the best proof of success was the com-ment made by a grinning girl after the design competition: “This was the best possible way to spend my day! I want to come back next year!” This was definitely a great start to what will hopefully become an annual event for SWE – UIUC.




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