FY12 In Review – Spotlight on Michigan Technological University

Nothing describes a Friday night in Houghton better than a good game of broomball with great friends on the SWE broomball team!

SWE was able to participate in quite a few special events this year with a whopping 13 participants. We participated in broomball, ice bowling, tug-o-war, curling, snow volleyball, skating, and snowboarding. SWE was also signed up to compete in all night ice sculptures, but the snow did not cooperate surprisingly this year.  SWE also created an Intramural team, named the SWEethearts.  The team was primarily SWE members, with a few extras, in the Women’s Division. Everyone played amazingly and had a lot of fun.  It was a great team bonding sport!

. Region H Conference in Madison. Count all the heads and you will find that we were able to bring 24 ladies with this year!

There were a lot of other activities that the SWE section at MTU has participated in or hosted this past year.  A lot of the outreach events involved local Elementary and Middle Schools as well as the surrounding Girl Scout troops.

The Western U.P. Science Fair, for students in grades 4-8, was held on Tech’s campus. SWE had two tables with fun interactive science activities. One table had paper hoop airplanes and the other had candy cars. The participants really enjoyed each activity. Some were a little unsure about the airplanes, since they were not sure they would fly, not appearing like a typical plane. But, to their amazement, they flew.


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